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As most medical practices and healthcare facilities are moving towards a paperless office with a greater focus on collaborative care, there is a major need and requirement to train both existing and new healthcare work force in all aspects of care delivery in an electronic medical office setting and a modern medical facility.

iPhysicianHub Academy courses are developed in conjunction with the medical practices, including physicians and practice administrators so that the courses are directly aligned with the medical practice requirements. We have structured the courses so that anyone with or without experience in healthcare sector could join and learn how care is delivered in an electronic medical office setting.

Beginners can start with Electronic Medical Office Assistant course to receive more advanced training. Upon completion of Medical Office Assistant courses, candidates will be able to understand how care is delivered in a typical medical office and be able to assist the doctors and medical office staff as an entry level Medical Office Assistant in transitioning or delivering care in a traditional or paperless medical office setting.

Advanced Level for Providers and Practice Administrators: Advanced level courses are available for experienced Medical Professionals, Medical Students, and Practice Administrators to successfully setup and run an Electronic Medical Facility to effectively deliver collaborative care and meet new requirements for Collaborative Care, Medical Home, and ACO’s.


Electronic Medical Office Assistant - Practice Overview

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HIPAA, Privacy & Data Security Training

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ACO & Medical Home Assistant

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ACO & Medical Home Coordinator

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* HIPAA, Privacy & Security Training for Medical staff

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